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So you have the next great idea that is destined to set the world on fire. With overwhelming enthusiasm, you begin researching how to make this new product, and you realize that you will need to actually partake in the product design process. This process is a systematic approach to new product development. Our product design company splits it into five continues steps with an intermittent product release step.

  1. Customer Identification is the process of learning about your customer. Research who they are, their needs, and current competitors. You want to use this step to guide your product design so that the final product offers a strong value proposition to the customer.
  2. Concept Design is the process where you determine the functionality and aesthetics of your product. Basically how is going to look and work. Look at current products that are in the same industry to grab aesthetic features that are relevant in that industry.
  3. Engineering Design the process in which a product goes from concept to an actual manufacturable part. This is where the engineers source components, design the components, and conduct any design analyses. Common analysis would be for part strength and thermal properties.
  4. Prototype and evaluate the product to ensure it meets the design requirements. This is a critical step as you often find the majority of failure points.
  5. Release and Repeat. If the product passes all the requirements it is ready for release. That does not mean the design is done. Once the market gets the product other features will need to be implemented.

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